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Do you have difficulty to find whiteboard marker pen products from China


what is the whiteboard marker

Whiteboard marker is a tool for writing on a whiteboard, similar to chalk on a blackboard. Whiteboard marker pen uses ink for writing, can be written on a smooth whiteboard, and can be erased with a whiteboard eraser. Whiteboard marker contain chemical materials, after the ink is solidified, a layer of mucous membrane is formed on the surface, which becomes strips or block particles after wiping, and no stains remain on the board or wiper. When writing intermittently, you don't need to put on the marker cap on. But after use, you need to cap the tip, otherwise the ink will be drying.

whiteboard marker
Whiteboard marker Classification

By the ink:
Can be divided into alcohol ink whiteboard marker, water based ink whiteboard marker. The whiteboard pens on the market are generally alcohol-based whiteboard pens. Due to technical problems, the water-based whiteboard marker pens are still in the exploratory stage due to the immature process and unstable quality. The use of water-based whiteboard pens is also related to the region. It is better to use in dry climates in the north. If the air humidity is high in the rainy season in the south, it will affect the use of water-based whiteboard pens.

Some regular models: 

Pen style: 

whiteboard pen

Magnetic model:

magnetic whiteboard marker

Eraser model:
whiteboard marker with eraser

Refillable model:

refillable whiteboard marker

jumbo model with big tip:

Jumbo whiteboard marker

By structure:

It can be divided into disposable whiteboard marker, refillable whiteboard marker, liquid whiteboard marker. The structure of a whiteboard marker is roughly composed of a marker pen tip, a cotton core, a pen holder, a cap and a end plug. Disposable whiteboard marker pens are favored by people because of their economy and practicality and low development cost. The disadvantage is that they are thrown away after use, resulting in a waste of resources. The structure of the refillable whiteboard marker is similar to that of the disposable whiteboard pen, except that there is an unscrewing device at the front end of the pen barrel, which can be unscrewed to add the whiteboard pen ink after the ink is written out. The straight liquid type whiteboard pen has disposable type and replaceable core type . The disposable structure is simple, and the entire pen holder can be filled with ink. 

whiteboard marker pen

Development and current situation
The whiteboard marker pen is an important role of teaching and office supplies, and it has a strong advantage compared to the traditional tool chalk. The wide range of uses of whiteboard pens, smooth writing, convenient use, dust-free erasability, environmental protection and safety, etc., are just in line with the rapidly changing trend of teaching tools and office supplies. With the development of education and the update of public supplies , consumers at home and abroad have also raised their awareness of environmental protection and safety in the use of teaching tools and office supplies, and the market demand for whiteboard pens is continuing to grow rapidly. Growth, whether at home or abroad, whiteboard pens are becoming widely used, high-demand, consumer-oriented teaching tools and office supplies.

The location of manufactures of whiteboard marker

Whiteboard marker pens are daily necessities and are mainly produced in Zhejiang Province, China. Like Yiwu city, hundreds of millions of pcs are exported to all over the world every year, mainly the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Especially in the back to school season of each year, the purchase of whiteboard pens is a very important step. In China, over 90% of whiteboard pens are produced in Zhejiang Province, from Jinhua city, Ningbo city, and Wenzhou city. Obviously, if we're looking for whiteboard marker pen products, we're going to go to these locations first to find the suitable manufacturers. Try these areas first.
Bonvan stationery is one of the top factories in Zhejiang provinces specializing in the production of marker pens, our quality and service are appreciated by many customers.

Price of Whiteboard marker

Depending on the style and workmanship, the unit price of the whiteboard pens is different, especially for some customized packaging and printing, the price is varied. This can be quoted differently according to customer's own requirements. Need a free quote or products recommendation, please contact us info@bonvan.com.

Package of whiteboard marker

According to the needs of different customers, there will be different packaging. For example, for promotion, just simply print the logo; if it is for children's writing and painting, it may require multi-color colors and box packaging.
If it is for office use, it may be required to match a board eraser; if it is for supermarket retail, it may need to be packed in blister cards or color paper box, which is convenient for display and sales.

Some packaging styles per below:

packaging for whiteboard marker

Steps to find the right supplier from China

Obviously, you are looking for a factory that is not only of good quality, but also at a reasonable price, and you want to get good service and good cooperation. These factors are what we need and are necessary conditions for your long-term development. 

Well, when you find the right supplier, your first step is to call or email them. When you call the factory, someone from the factory replies, indicating that there is no problem at communication. You can also see the service level of the factory by looking at the speed of the email reply. For example, at Bonvan stationery, we will reply inquiry within 2 hours. And we will recommend suitable products to our customers. Our customer just need choosing Yes or No. It is very simple. 

In the second step, you can ask their production capacity and the big customers they have done, the main markets to which they sales. For example, Bonvan stationery can produce over 800,000 markers per month; we have 35 automatic product assembling machines. We have BSCI factory audits and supply to American supermarket like Dollar Tree, European supermarkets, top stationery importers in Turkey, etc.

In the third step, let the factory give you a quotation. At this point, you can get the price and basic information to judge which supplier is qualified and which products are suitable for you. 

Next, is to ask for samples or doing sampling. That is the final judgment.

We believe that through these steps, you can find your own suppliers more easily. If you still need help, please contact us info@bonvan.com


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