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BonVan New style acrylic paint marker pen


When people start learning to paint, they generally have difficulty choosing top art materials. At this time, the marker pen for painting appeared. It can meet standard need of general people drawing requirements.

There are 3 types of markers:
1. Alcohol-based sketch marker.
feature: Draw on paper without fading. (Drawing on canvas doesn't work well.)
art sketch marker
2. Water-based marker pen,
When painted on paper, it can be washed out and fade easily. It is normally for kids drawing use. And when the ink write on the cloth, it can be washed away easily.
watercolor marker
3. acrylic marker pen
Generally used to draw shoes, T-shirts, and make photo frames. The drawing and painting will not fade. The acrylic marker has a covering power, that is, the layer of color can be stacked by another layer of color.Also acrylic paint marker have distinct color blocks. You can DIY stones, mobile phone cases, canvas bags, and many places to paint .
For hand-painting, acrylic marker is more suitable for DIY. And it is water-proof.

acrylic paint marker

However, the disadvantage of acrylic marker pens: the pigment is relatively thick, (the characteristics of acrylic), when using it, it needs to be shaken and shaken! Moreover, the tip of the pen is particularly easy to dry out, makes the ink flowing not fluent!

So the new type of BonVan acrylic paint marker pen come out. It is not shake and press style. It is normally ink reservoir style. So it is easy to use, just take off the caps, then write. Most important one, it has cheap cost. You don't have to pay a big amount to take them for daily DIY painting. But it has the same ink quality with other paint markers in the market.

acrylic paint marker

acrylic paint pen

bonvan acrylic paint marker pen

bonvan marker pen

acrylic paint pen

colors of acrylic paint marker

acrylic paint marker set

DIY works of acrylic paint marker

bonvan stationery factory

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