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Where to find seed pencil from china factory


Seed pencil, it is creative product, it use pencil blind with plantable seeds. After use, justt plant the seeds into soil, then water it. The seeds will grow up.

It is eco and green idea, also very funny product, when adult and kids plant it,  and watching it  grows from seeds. When it become a flower or vegetable, it is amazing experience.

Currently there are choices of seeds:  corn poppy, lavender, blackheart chrysanthemum,  mint , sesame etc;  Not only flower seed, vegetable seed also can be plantable.

So where to find the pencils supplier and factory from China factory?

First, this products is blined with pencil, so definitely, you should find a pencil factory or supplier. The production is easy process, but the idea is great  as it uses cheap pencil to hold the seed and make the planting easily.

Second,choose a professional factory, you can commnuicate with them, talking about the quality, sampling, mass production; Through the communication and sampling to check their profession, services product quality.

Third, send them your requirements. If you need to do custom designs or printing,  just tell them your requirements. We are sure that your requirements can be easily achieved. Seed plantable pencil is really a great item for promotion & gifts. Normally logo branding is not a problem.
And in the market, there is card packing, plastic bag packing,gift set packing ,colored paper box packing. 

Fourth, the factory of seed pencil should have strong ablity in writing instrument field. Surely, they are professional and can handle your requirements easily if they have many years experience.

Fifth, from the market, zhejiang province is the main province for this product. So the quote from shandong, henan is not the direct factory.

If you need more suggestion and advise, please contact us. We would like to share information with you.


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