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What kind of pencil is suitable for your children


At the beginning of school, the children began to carry school bags to school. Moms also started to buy various stationery for the children. Regarding the choice of pencils, I believe you all know that you need to buy them for all ages. But for the dazzling variety of pencils on the market, how to choose?

1. Let's first understand the history of pencil development.

The earliest pencils should be called carbon rods, but they were made of graphite mixed with a variety of materials, and they could be used directly for writing!

One hundred years later, the Americans invented the charcoal sticks embedded in the wooden sticks for easy holding and writing. Firstly, you don't need to take a big charcoal rod, and secondly, you won't get dirty hands. However, the most primitive wooden pencils just embed the lead of the pencil into two split wooden sticks, and there is no fixed shape, and it slowly develops into the later round wooden sticks.

With the gradual popularity of pencils and the convenience of pencils, people slowly invented all kinds of pencils: round, hexagon, oval, regular hexagon, trilateral...

2. For all kinds of pencils, I think that different age groups buy different styles of pencils!

1. For the first-year students, I think you can choose triangle pencils without patterns.

For students who just entered the first grade, the pen holding posture has not been stabilized. Choosing a triangle pencil can correct the child’s pen holding posture. Because the three sides of the triangle pencil correspond exactly to the grip position of the three fingers. The hexagonal pencil is suitable for writing calligraphy! Because it is convenient! For example, if you practice to write thickly on one pen core, you can turn the angle and continue to write.

In addition, triangular pencils have better placement stability than other types of pencils, which is why carpenters like to use triangular pencils for marking! It is less likely to roll off. After children write in class, they don’t worry about falling to the floor! Therefore, when our two babies were in the first grade, I used a triangle pencil to correct and consolidate their pen-holding posture.

On the other hand, I think when choosing a pencil, choose a pencil without a pattern.

Nowadays, the outer packaging of many pencils is full of temptation. What is the label pattern of beaming, bear-infested, Dora, and Mickey? A variety of cartoons and anime patterns will make children pay attention to cartoon patterns in class, instead of thinking about class. Therefore, when parents choose, they should slightly consider the appearance of the pattern and combine it with the interior.

2. For second-grade students, I think it is more practical to choose a hexagonal pencil.

For children in the second grade, the pen holding posture has been basically finalized. Compared with the first grade, the homework has also begun to increase. If you still choose a trilateral pencil, it is not convenient for writing speed. The trilateral pencil cannot be rotated at will, while the hexagonal pen can be rotated at will. When writing, you can turn the pen core that is thicker on one side. Why is it not recommended to choose a round pencil at this time, because the round pen holder is easy to roll and fall off the bottom surface when it is placed, causing the pen core to break. For children in the second grade, in order to prevent this from happening, the hexagonal pencil holder is not easy to roll around on the table, or even fall.

3. For students above grade three, I think it is more appropriate to choose a round pencil with an eraser on its head.

The third-grade students have already started to use black signature pens and gradually got used to the round pen barrels. The pen-holding posture of the third-grade students has been basically finalized, so there is no need to use a three-sided pencil. The third grade students are already able to sell pencils by themselves, and can tidy up and keep stationery by themselves, so the hexagons are no longer needed to prevent rolling. However, students in third grade and above use pencils less frequently, so I suggest that students in third grade and above can choose a round pencil with an eraser on its head. A pencil with an eraser on one end is convenient for students who have not done a good drawing when drawing a picture, and can be erased immediately, which is convenient and convenient.

Afterwards: Although there are various types of pencils, through the above analysis, We believe that all parents have their own choices. 

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