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How to mix acrylic paint


Acrylic pigments are very good toning. Professional ones can be mixed with acrylic. In fact, it can be mixed with water. Water is the best medium for diluting paint with acrylic, unlike oil painting, which must be mixed with oil. The amount of water determines the thinness of the paint. The effect of multi-color and light painting is like watercolor, and the effect of repainting with less water is like oil painting. Acrylic paint can be said to be a kind of painting material between watercolor and oil painting. It has strong coverage and quick-drying, and has high saturation. The bright color is suitable for external wall graffiti, interior decoration, and can also be used on cloth You can paint on stones, glass, flower pots and even feathers.
how to mix acrylic paint

On how to reconcile colors, talk about some of my own experience.
1. White is usually used for paving.

Painting acrylic on the external wall usually requires smoothing and whitening the wall, so that the painted picture has a higher color saturation and the color is easy to express. If you want to paint on some objects with a dark background, such as bluestone, then you need to whiten the background beforehand. You can repeat it many times until the surface is uniform and no particles. After it is dry, you can form the composition on it. I once did an experiment in which two stones with similar background colors were covered with a white background, the other kept the original color, and the same pattern was painted. After the result is completed, it is obvious that the white paving stone has a stronger picture and the color is more delicate, while the picture with the original background color is obviously darker. In fact, it's easy to understand, using a piece of white paper and a piece of gray paper to draw, the effect is naturally different. In addition, the stone itself is bumpy due to external forces, and the white paving can fill in small imperfections. If there are too many pits, you can use shaping paste to smooth it out.

how to use acrylic paint

2. The principle of shallow first and deep.
Although propylene has coverage, it is not recommended to modify it repeatedly. First, the background color is easy to turn up, and second, the color is easy to get dirty. Before painting, use light gray lines or light ocher to compose the picture, and remember not to use pure black to form the shape. If you cover the black border with white, it is difficult to cover it at once, and the black underneath can still show through after repeated many times. When I paint, my personal approach is to paint light colors first, and then gradually paint dark colors, so that from light to dark, layer by layer, it is not easy to cause problems. Even if you make a mistake and use a darker color to cover the lighter color of the previous stroke, the connection will be smooth. For example, the transition from light yellow to orange. But if it's the other way around, it will be very abrupt at first deep and then shallow.
acrylic paint usage

3. Light tones and dark colors. If you draw a small picture by yourself, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall, or pick up a stone and draw a small pendant to give it to a friend, a box of 24-color acrylic paint is enough, which can guarantee you to paint a lot of works. But if you want to paint wall art, then buy canned paint. Of course, some fluid acrylic paintings use splashing colors or flowing to produce incredible textures. This is a different matter for local tyrants. I once bought a box of 18 colors, and I painted fifty or sixty stones and still haven't used it up. However, the five colors of red, yellow, blue and black and white are particularly used because these five colors belong to the three primary colors and neutral colors. To keep the vivid color of the acrylic picture, remember to mix the colors. The more the colors are mixed, the darker and dirty. Generally, the 24 colors in the box are completely enough. For example, the yellow series have lemon yellow, medium yellow, dark yellow, and earthy yellow; the red series have vermilion, scarlet, and deep red; the green series have light green, emerald green, and sharp green. Phthalocyanine green and so on. If the color you want is not available, then you need to mix it: titanium white + lake blue = light blue, medium yellow + scarlet = orange red, lemon yellow + Mas black = olive green, titanium white + Mas black = gray and so on, Pay attention to the proportions when matching the colors.

how to mix acrylic paint

4. Use neutral colors appropriately.

Neutral colors are colors that do not have the relationship between cold and warm, and black, white and gray are the three neutral colors. Gold and silver are also a neutral color. Appropriate use of neutral colors can enrich the picture and play a role of contrast. In real life, for example, the golden door studs on the red door of the Forbidden City, the black and white hook face of the Peking Opera flower face, the gold and silver divisions on the thangka, etc., have played a balanced color and stable visual effect.

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